We are unlike other Pilates establishments...

We do not give 'general tuition'; we pride ourselves on working with the individual, constantly monitoring and re-evaluating the body, coming up with new challenges as the body improves in strength and flexibility. - Sarah Tal

We are located in a comfortable and well-equipped studio in Central London.

In 1998, Sarah Tal created the perfect stress-free atmosphere in which to learn and practise Pilates. She and her team of experienced Pilates instructors place great importance on tailoring each session to suit the needs of each individual client. Guided by an instructor, clients learn how to address the individual needs of their body and to practise Pilates in a way that best suits their pace and requirements.



We help clients who suffer with bad backs, stiff necks, painful knees, hips, ankles and wrists.

  • We believe stress can play a major role in creating injuries, and at The Pilates Studio Ltd, we take that into consideration.
  • Dentists and other professionals benefit greatly from Pilates, as they often experience repetitive strain injuries from sitting in a particular position for too long.
  • Some of our clients are athletes and dancers wanting to enhance particular strengths.