Our strong team of certified instructors have all been trained by Alan Herdman

Sarah has personally selected each one, ensuring that her philosophy of flexibility and individual client needs are paramount at her studio.

Sarah Tal

The Pilates Studio Ltd.After working in various Pilates studios in London, Sarah Tal opened The Pilates Studio Ltd in 1998. Her main aim was to create a safe relaxing environment “where the mind meets the body” for people suffering from injuries and busy people who had lost touch with their bodies.

She uses Pilates as a tool to help her clients strengthen their core muscles and to understand and be conscious of their own posture and body movements. Sarah’s work has been widely recognized, gaining the confidence of and referrals from Physiotherapists, Neuro Surgeons, Osteopaths, Doctors and other health practitioners.

Sarah is a founder member of The Pilates Foundation and initially trained with Alan Herdman. Sarah has been a certified Pilates instructor for over 22 years and is certified in teaching with the Arcus (McEntire).  She is a qualified Yoga teacher and fitness instructor, and has studied the Bowen technique and Thai massage. Sarah excels in working with people’s injuries and those who have lost touch with their bodies.  She uses Pilates as her tool to teach strengthening exercises of the core muscles to enhance posture and injury prevention.  She is also focused on increasing lifestyle awareness to reduce the risk of injury.


Our Instructors



Andrea was a Professional Dance Practitioner with over 20 years of International experience as a Dance Artist, Choreographer and Teacher. She personally used Pilates to enhance and rehabilitate during her Professional career, and after having had a family. She studied The Pilates Teaching Training course with Alan Herdman and is also certified to teach working with the Arcus.

She is an experienced teacher with high standards and achieves excellent results both remedially and in general conditioning.  Andrea enjoys to work with the mind body connection to movement patterns.  In addition, she has also studied with Gary Carter who focuses on the detail of the body’s myofascial routes and how the irregularities of the body affect our day to day lives. She uses elements of this in her teaching, linking it with the Pilates technique, and gains positive results for the clients she works with, especially with postural problems and accident injuries.  Her care, enthusiasm and versatility makes Andrea a popular choice of teacher.



Roberta began her career as a professional dancer, graduating from the Academy of Arts in Milan.   She studied and worked with world renowned choreographers in contemporary dance and travelled internationally with numerous impressive Companies.  She used the Pilates technique during this time as the medium to enhance her performance and keep herself injury free.

She holds a degree in Dance Therapy, and is a fully qualified Pilates teacher with Alan Herdman and certified in teaching with the Arcus and the Konnector.

She has always been fascinated in the ‘mind – body relationship’ and she uses this as one of her many strengths whilst teaching.  She believes in guiding her clients to become aware of their own body, showing them new patterns/habits to help them both in and out of the Studio. 



Hubert’s varied background in body movement makes him a very special Pilates teacher.  He discovered Pilates when he injured himself as a professional dancer.  Practicing Pilates allowed him to continue having a long dancing career with The Royal Ballet and The Rambert Dance Company. He trained in Pilates under Alan Herdman.

He remains very interested in the rehabilitation and remedial aspects of Pilates.  Hubert has a firm and positive approach to teaching Pilates, and his patience and humor make his classes very popular.He has a strong following of clients and produces excellent results.   


Peter is a former city trader who is passionate about using Pilates to enhance movement. He completed his Pilates training with Alan Herdman. He is also a fully qualified kite-surf instructor and avid tennis player with a deep understanding of bio-mechanics in relation to sports. He used Pilates to assist in a speedy and full recovery from major surgery in 2014 and appreciates the importance the role Pilates can play in both pre and post operative care.

He has a particular interest in promoting the use of Pilates to help re-balance the body and stay injury free for life. He works with a wide variety of clients, ranging from professional athletes, to injury prevention and also those new to exercise.