We successfully assist Surgeons and Physicians with the effects of both static positions and repetitive movements on the body.

Sitting in a particular position for an extended period of time can cause long term joint damage.

Let us help you discover exactly where you hold your tension and the overall effect it has on your body.




“By assessing their adopted posture, we are able to teach them release stretches and specific exercises to build up their weaker muscles, enabling them to sit with the correct postural alignment.” – Sarah Tal



As a physician I appreciate the benefits of exercise including the strength building and stretching provided by pilates. I attended weekly sessions at The Pilates Studio and found that when I had hip surgery at the age of 74, my recovery went smoothly and I was soon back walking footpaths, stiles and all!
Dr. M. Perring, MA MB B.Chir FCP
Before I started Pilates, I was contemplating giving up Surgery because of constant neck pain.  One year later –  I’m now pain free and able to take up competitive tennis again!
Dr. P. Grossman, B.D.S. D.Orth.RCS.